“Our strength is that we can deliver complete solutions and we can even act in all individual parts of the process chain, i.e., everything from making inventories, formulate required types of documents, participate in court hearings to supervise the excavator out at watercourse”



Mats Andersson, Per Lundström and Magnus Bidner

Our business idea is advanced investigations in freshwater ecology and freshwater ecological guidance in permitting processes. Though that we can deliver the entire process chain, you need as a customer just one performer, which means high quality, high delivery reliability and great privacy. In addition, we as performers of all operations in-house knowledge of the entire investigative process, which is a great asset especially in court hearings.

Our ambition with our enterprise is that we with our knowledge of the freshwater ecology should make the maximum benefit to our customers and the society in which we live and operate.

We are EKOM

  • Mats Andersson Based in Hörnefors. Responsible CEO. The company’s bird expert and Floorballentusiast.
    Areas of expertise:
    EIA, culverts and Nature-like bypass channels.

  • Per Lundström Based in Hörnefors. Responsible budget. The company’s hockeyentusiast.
    Areas of expertise: investigations of Freshwater Ecology, technical calculations.

  • Magnus Bidner Stationed in Sorsele. Responsible for invoices and administration. The company’s most devoted salmon fishermen.
    Areas of expertise: fish conservation planning as well as fish surveys.