”We each have more than 20 years of experience working with freshwater ecology. We’ve seen most of it and practically participated in everything from habitat conservation and design of eg. Nature-like bypass channels to EIA:s and hearings in the Land and Environment court . We also have an extensive network of contacts among Governments and other stakeholders to fishing and freshwater ecology.”

tjanster_wideOur experience has developed us into specialists at life in northern waters from coast to the high mountains and it is also in this area we believe we can make the greatest benefits for our customers.

We can with high precision evaluate the ecological benefits of different actions and thus help to prioritize and plan the actions that gives good effect. We also have and a good eye for what is now required to get permits for water operations.

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We can help you with

  • Surveys››In the water and on land
  • Investigations››
    EIA for hydropower and other water operations
  • Measures››
    Suggestions on supervision