MEASURES — proposals and work management

”Our ambition is that Nature-like bypass channels and restored rapids should have the same function as the current water environment ecology is adapted from. The aquatic environments we recreate must also, as far as possible, to get a “natural” look. Our design of Nature-like bypass channels and stream habitats is preceded by careful consideration of the conditions of the beach environment combined with that we cater to the needs of key species environment.”


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We work with various solutions for fish migration, diversion of culverts and recovery of stream environments after log driving including the construction of spawning beds. Through our knowledge of current water ecology we can identify needs, develop proposals and manage in the implementation of the measures.

We will help you with the following services.

  • Detection of needs from an ecological point of view. Demonstrated by the results of the surveys as well as generally accepted facts about the freshwater ecology.
  • Engineering support and suggestions for design Nature-like bypass channels/stream water environments. For Nature-like bypass channels and other fish ways we develop sketches with dimensions sufficient for implementing complete projects. For the recovery of the river environments after log driving including construction of spawning beds we develop draft measures, aggregate calculations and planning of machine and material transport.
  • Authorization under the Environment Act. Notification of water operations, the establishment of the EIA and the implementation of the agreement.
  • Consulting support in the establishment and management of restoration. We contribute to the practical implementation of the operation and ensure that measures are implemented with the desired result.
  • Evaluation/Follow-up.. We demonstrate the effect of measures by results of studies.
  • Management plans for larger water areas

We also are investigating the ecology, use of water and the influence of large contiguous areas for example. basins or water within municipalities. Based on the information on the ecology and impact of different activities we take forward proposals on measures that contribute to a long term management and environmental quality standards are reached. Information on the ecology and action proposals for large contiguous areas may be used to select the measures provide the greatest ecological advantage in relation to cost, or form a basis for the management of fisheries and the development of local industries such as fishing tourism. We are also well acquainted with different forms of public funding of measures etc. proposals can be supplemented with possible funding roads and we can also assist with the establishment of the necessary application forms.

Examples of our services

  • Detection of ecological needs
  • Planning Documents
  • Designed Nature-like bypass channels, stream water environments
  • Permits according to the environmental code
  • Consulting support at the facility
  • Supervision of restoration
  • Evaluation/Follow-ups
  • Management Plans