INVESTIGATIONS – EIA for hydropower and other water operations

”Facing a water operations that can be expected to require a decision of the Land and Environment Court for obtaining permits, we recommend that the ecology be included early in the planning process before the establishment of the EIA started. This is to get the best possible basis for the timetable and budget for the authorisation process, formation and ev. Calulations on loss of production.”

utredningar_wide2In order to obtain a permit for water operations under the Environment Act, environmental impact assessment (EIA) need to show that the activity will not adversely affect the possibility of reaching the environmental quality standard ‘ good ecological status or good ecological potential “. In practice this would mean that you need to credibly account current environmental status and established environmental quality standard and describe how these conditions e.g. fish and benthic fauna are affected by planned measures. Often, this requires that you perform your own calculations and complementary studies such as status of electric fishing, benthic fauna investigations and habitat mapping in order to obtain sufficient information. You should also indicate what measures to implement in order to ensure that the environmental quality standard can be accessed, and partly to reduce the potential impact on life in the water.

We will help you with the following services

  • The development of planning tools and information for EIAShowing, among other things. how relevant quality elements may be affected, what investigations and what actions are likely required.
  • Establishment of the EIA and the implementation of the agreement.
  • Calculations and assessments of ecological status and PotentialPerform analysis of existing data, calculate and assess ecological status or potential according to HVFMS 2013: 19. If necessary, carry out additional inventories/tests as described below.
  • Carrying out surveys and calculationsIIncluding electrofishing, benthic fauna investigations, inventory of stream- and substrate conditions and the presence of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel, otters. Assessment of fish migration opportunities. Estimates of fish mortality in turbine and impact of relevant hydromorphological quality elements. Implementation and analysis of different waterflows.
  • Development of proposals on adjustment of construction and operation to the ecology.Including variation in waterflows over different times of the year, fish migratory measures, water intake railings and fish bywashes, recovery of morphologically affected aquatic environments.
  • Assistance with advice, opinions and statements after the submission to the Land and Environment Court.

Examples of our services

  • Planning tool, supporting documents to the EIA
  • Establishment of the EIA
  • Calculations and assessments of ecological status and Potential
  • Consultation
  • Surveys, calculations
  • Ecological adaptations
  • Counseling
  • Opinions
  • Financial Statements